Saturday, December 23, 2006

Von Trapp

So, who knew that The Sound of Music is a true story? Everyone but me, I suppose.

How does this relate to the current (although probably temporary) blog theme: the South Pacific? Maria Von Trapp Jr. was a missionary in Papua New Guinea for a significant period of time - some 30 years according to the link above, even when the rest of them fled (back) to Vermont. They gave up singing to be missionaries. Some are still alive...and you can stay at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont on your next ski vacation.


Anonymous said...

Your writing is overwrought. Get over yourself, Professor.

Professor Marvel said...

I have a serious mental disorder. It's very serious. My GAF is about 40 right now. In other words, I should be hospitalized, but I blog nonetheless. For therapy. Why don't you pick on someone high functioning, you prick?