Monday, October 6, 2008

We were in a jam ...


xbasket said...

At least you appear to have an iBook, a significant step-up from that Windows driven scene. If you have to use a PC...well, after all, I've been urging Linux to you these many years.

The years....pass by as the clouds and rain, These snowy days don't come around again, won't come around again. Old souls born nostalgic pining for youth and happiness and wearing the uniform. I'd like to indulge my sentimentality before it's all too late. I'm undignified. Cut open the rabbit.

Professor Marvel said...

Not my mac, xbasket. I have PCs everywhere, even in my veins. Stop being such a single-issue candidate, huh?

The second paragraph--the Professor thinks it's kinda deep.

How does one indulge one's sentimentality before it's too late?

Were some of us born nostalgic? "Old Souls?" Give us a neurological explanation for that, please, xbasket, so the Professor can embrace it.