Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Scratch my back I'll scratch yours


Who here can scratch an itch anywhere on their own back without assistance?

This is not a trick question. The Professor is not interested in your ability to use tools. The professor is concerned about whether you can satisfyingly scratch an itch anywhere your own back without the use of anything but your hands, e.g. without a back scratcher or a wall or a stick or the power of your mind.

Please vote, and please even forward a link to those unfamiliar with the workshop so that they may vote as well.

If you have a shoulder injury, but are absolutely sure that you could do this before the injury, please vote yes. Similarly for massive weight gain.

Thank you.


Petulant Assistant Marvel said...


It says the poll does not exist.

Paid Intern Marvel said...

It keeps saying that! I fiddle with it, and then it displays, and then it returns to saying it doesn't exist. Maybe it's our browser?

READERS: If the poll doesn't exist, please vote by commenting here.

Anonymous said...

The poll exists in IE.

Anonymous said...

But when I vote I get an error message.

Professor Marvel said...

UPDATE I've polled six people and none of them are able to.

Sewer Horse Cops said...

It's neightural for us to make hay off this poll and/or anything. Alfalfa come to me now. Peace out.

Professor Marvel said...

Nobody's voting. The Professor is sad.

Sewer Horse Cops said...

I was able to vote in Firefox and I also feel f*cking great because it was a Gallup poll and those kind of pun issues prevalently, or at least sometimes, manifested when I thought about the poll or was wandering around between training missions or attracting flies away from the sewer for the people who provided apples and didn't hit me like them other people did.