Monday, November 10, 2008

Prelude to a KISS

Preparations are beginning....

It takes a lot of Balls (or should I say Bayag?) to swallow LIVE TYPHOID. But, hey, who's the King? That's right!

It turns out live typhoid is a friendly little fellow. He (?) has explained to the King of Balls WHY it's important to take Vaccine in a Capsule on an empty stomach. The King of Balls' stomach is rarely empty ... I would have totally ignored this step if I didn't know why it was important. Then I would have run the risk of being infected with Typhoid Fever. Talk about ballsy!

This is a representation of my digestive tract.

I am the King of Balls.

What if I forget to take a dose? It's every 48 hours. That is very confusing. Swallow live typhoid. Now today, don't swallow it. Now today, swallow live typhoid again. Oh, I'm tearing my hair out here! See what I mean about how confusing it is?

Thanks little buddy, that helps a lot.


Typhie the Typhoid Pill said...

You're welcome, King of Balls.

Postillion said...

It will be worth it, King of Balls, to be reunited properly with your food court in Manila. Your royal entourage awaits you.

King of Balls said...

"food court" - excellent work, Postillion. Very well done.