Saturday, September 19, 2009

The year in review: Foreshadowing

I just found some more foreshadowing in the workshop. I want to share. Let's travel back in time one year. This is rich:

Foreshadowing Link

This is the anniversary of when we accidentally killed David Foster Wallace with our irreverence but we were so fucked-up on sentimentality and Chantix we thought "Thank God" at least something important matters.

Now we're fucked-up on Coreg. D.B. - He diagnosed takotsubo. When we denied him a cab. And he was right. HE WAS RIGHT!

The concept of the day is foreshadowing. Not the fictional kind, but the kind you stumble upon in real life. It's the opposite, time-wise, of real vous.

Oh, and King of Balls, he was foreshadowing KISS King of Balls, and that was foreshadowing actual trips to the land of KISS King of Balls.

The Professor likes foreshadowing and might post more soon in order to feel important.


D.B. said...

You know I taste great.

xbasket said...

What could be more? The post is wordy in the right measure. It's toasty and tossed with honey, and each idea follows from another before it. What did we want? It's in English. I turn away, and continue driving over the cliff. If only Coreg could be reasoned with.

Anonymous said...

Actually, some think that Roger Federer killed David Foster Wallace.

Lookitmeaggghrrr said...

Foreshadowing overlooked a certain risk posed by epileptic drivers.