Tuesday, July 1, 2008

re: sudoko

I find that the pleasure of sudoku varies over time. Yes, the fun diminishes, but then you put the sudokus down for a while -- weeks, months, years -- and then some day, you're riding the bus, and it's exactly what you need. The pleasure v. time graph of sudoku is shaped like a roller coaster. I will draw it on a bar napkin for you one day and post it here in my workshop.

Don't forget to vote in the Dignity Poll.


Anonymous said...

This is such crap, Professor Marvel.

Postillion said...

If you do a bar napkin graph, please make sure it's scientific and logical, unlike my M/N bar napkin graph.

Postillion said...

Who the f*ck said they were dignified on the dignity poll?

Professor Marvel said...

@ postillion:

Someone voted twice. Once for each. Someone is a complex person.

Postillion said...


Left brain, right brain split?