Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am currently engaged in an experiment of unkindness. While I generally don't believe in unkindness (although generally not believing in unkindness does not rule out sarcasm, irony, wryness, nor sardonic searing witticisms), I have decided that occasionally one must make exceptions.

So far, my unkindness experiment has generated the desired reaction: fear and flight in the subject.

If you would like to engage in unkindness, I recommend it be done with wit and grace inasmuch as it is possible. It helps if you are involved in a moment of actually feeling contempt for the subject.

Not too long ago, Professor Marvel put together the dignity poll. Unkindness is rather undignified. But, I admit that the gratification of self-satisfaction might be worth it.



Angel said...


Anonymous said...

This is incredible. I'm sending it to the Nobel committee right now.

Postillion said...

I agree. Angel's emoticon is deserving of the Nobel prize. No one has said so much with two keystrokes. Kudos, Angel. Publishers need to be reading this. If someone doesn't give Angel a book contract, there's something wrong with the publishing industry.