Thursday, August 21, 2008

oh holy hell

Leucocoprinus birnbaumiiThe Professor had been vaguely aware that a plant in the workshop had some soil mold. A closer look today reveals dead or inanimate worms and two bright moon yellow penises. Any explanations, recommendations from the readership would be appreciated here. Can I leave this alone in the workshop for a day or two or should I roll it out immediately? Will it grow and kill the workshop cat? Where did the worms come from? It was just miracle-gro potting soil and a plant from a local nursery. And what lies under the soil, at the base of the yellow penises?

The Professor shudders to think.


Italian Spidermant said...


snoring woman said...


beck said...


Postillion said...

Gross, gross, gross. Get rid of it! NOW!

Shirley said...

Yellow penises in my plant
"There's a fungus among us" we all chant
Gosh o gee won't i have fun,
swallowing penises one by one

Professor Marvel said...

Oh dear!

Little Shirley's just kidding, folks, they may be harmful if eaten