Saturday, September 13, 2008

easier to build than maintain

Has it been anyone's experience here that it seems easier to build things than to maintain them properly? I mean except for decent art. But countries, plants, workshops, languages, even cigarettes? I'm tired.

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Anonymous said...

Which would you rather be - an architect or a janitor? Building something involves ideas, the unknown, trying something that might not work. Maintenance involves none of those things. I built a tower of cigarettes one amazing day. In a rush of endorphins and nicotine and cheese I piled them on top of each other, stopping occasionally and adjusting this or that part of the foundation to make it more stable. Making guesses about what would work, trying them out, failing, starting again, succeeding, dancing, laughing, crying, screaming, hiding, trying to struggle, squirming, taking a ride, getting a shot, remembering nothing.

When I came home 72 hours later, I found that my cigarette castle had fallen. I had not been able to maintain it. Maintenance is hard.