Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We have photos of Courtney Love!

Did you know this? Where are they? Are they really here, in the Workshop?

Postillion, what do you know about this?


Anonymous said...

The internet's a crazy place, Professor. Travel with caution.

Paid Intern Marvel said...

Er, Professor, what you're doing here sort of guarantees that more of the same will happen.

Anonymous said...

Is there a lot of demand for photos of Courtney Love?

Crazy Internet.

kurt cobain said...

I'd like to see some, just for old times sake.

Professor, can you ask the King of Balls to print some out, fold them carefully into the tiniest packets possible, then swallow them, with just enough water to get them down?


Postillion said...

Hey, I am officially pathetic! Yay, internet!