Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good job, King of Balls.

Except for that double posting, you are golden.

See comments number 23 and 24.


Anonymous said...

Sweet. Way to go, King of balls. You will conquer the internet in the name of DFW, in time.

That first sentence, though, you kind of got lost. Hope that and your double-posting doesn't detract from the content of your post, which shows your compassion for both DFW and the retarded Sussman child.

Anonymous said...

It will be deleted. Why can't you refrain from stating that you're the King of Balls? It detracts from the other meaningless things you have to say.

Professor Marvel said...

Comment #27 (which will be 25 or 26 after someone deletes one or both of the King of Balls' identical comments) is worth reading. Well said, S.J.