Friday, September 12, 2008

I am the King of Balls

How does one get to be a Professor1 without knowing basic html?2

David Foster Wallace you are not.3

1 I am the King of Balls.

2 I am the King of Balls.


hungry said...

I am going to dip these mini peanut butter faux ritzes in chocolate and rock everyone's world.

xbasket said...

It's pathetic you get to eat those things and I apparently have to mix powdered protein with fiber, soymilk, freshly squeezed boob/orange juice, and filtered water to toss down vitamins, minerals and esoteric neuro-transmitter enhancing cocktails.

Postillion said...

Mini peanut butter faux ritzes in chocolate is so wrong. They should be real ritzes with peanut butter. Speaking of which...I have real Ritz (imagine the TM mark here; I am not the Professor so I don't have to know XML, HTML, SGML, SMLXLXXL) and real peanut butter.

Professor Marvel said...

Rest in Peace, David Foster Wallace. We love you. The world will miss you.