Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank you

My hats go off to you, team Marvel. Well done. You've come through for me in a time of need. Not for me, personally, I realize, but for the Workshop. Everybody put aside their busy lives and gave a piece of themselves. Everybody but Perfect, that is. Perfect is likely a perfectionist, composing, as we speak--or rather as I write--a DFW-esque treatise on Snails and Consumer culture. Heavily footnoted, it will be so extensive and detailed that the reminder to vote in the Dignity Poll will have to be placed somewhere in its first chapter.

Team Marvel, please consider contributing regularly. You all did so well, and ... you are my strength. You are the foundation upon which the Workshop rests. Without you, it'd be nothing but a few yellow penises.

I will try to contribute as well, but it's hard to balance the actual Work of the Workshop with the meta-discussion about the Workshop that goes on in the blog. I will try to be meta for you, readers, as the Workshop has been an interesting place recently, and may continue to be interesting into the future. We're using the lab again--firing up the bunson burners, sterilizing the test tubes, hauling the electrophoresis machine out of the hall closet. It's all very exciting and dangerous!!! Look for more or less posting soon as a result of this or something else.


pancakes said...

The entire idea of metacognition and schemata (Ryder & Graves, 2003, pg 19), is annoying as all get-out. Meta is murder, if the Smiths will pardon the switcheroo. Archetypes are equally pendulous and heaving, something I am proud to also offer inside my brassiere. They move much like the Snuffalupagus' trunk.

Ryder, R., Graves, M. (2003). Reading and learning in content areas. Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons.

Professor Marvel said...

Pancakes, this comment is worthy of an entire post. Would you like to expand?