Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two culprits killed, little spirals may be exonerated

Two dead slugs have been found. No spirally shells to be seen.

Pictures would be inappropriate.

We still do not know if the lobelia will pull through, but at least the Professor can have "closure" because the victims have been brought to justice. That's the way they say it works, anyway. The Professor is not so sure.


Anonymous said...

There is no justice, either for plant life or human life. What are you smoking, Professor Marvel?

Stop being such a naive Pollyanna.

Professor Marvel said...

The professor wonders: Is there such a thing as a not naive Pollyanna? A suspicious or shrewd world weary Pollyanna? Or is naive actually part of the definition of Pollyanna, such that without the naivete, you can't have a Pollyanna?

What about just a sophisticated Pollyanna? Someone who understands what the world is like, but is still blithely optimistic? Are there certain things you can rightfully be optimistic about?

Probably plenty, if you lower your expectations enough.

But enough philosophizing. My point, is "naive Pollyanna" is redundant. Please refrain from using extraneous words in your comments, readers.

Ah, no, what the hell. We like words here. We like and enjoy wordy wordy words. Readers, do your worst. Your best!

Assistant Marvel said...

I think the Professor is on drugs.

Anonymous said...

The Professor is on moldy penises.