Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lunchtime at the Workshop.

bread pr0nWhat, just bread Professor?

butterNo, no. Also sweet creamy butter.

Cheese friesCheese fries?

PoutineNo. Poutine!
Click for a closer look and see if you can't spot one of the large tender cubes of meat in the gravy.

Those are tiny cubes of Chorizo, and there's a real clam underneath there. Click on it. I dare you.

The Professor's Sole.


beck said...

I recommend clicking the pictures. Do it. Do it now.

Assistant Marvel said...

Okay, guys, how many Sole puns can we come up with? The best one becomes the new Caption.

Anonymous said...

"Sole Patch"?

Anonymous said...

A window into the Sole?

jesse said...

Sole Survivor; Sole Train; Bless my Sole!

Assistant Marvel said...

Try to make it a pun that has something to do with the picture, or the Workshop, please. There are many, many ways the syllable sōl can be used. Let's make it relevant, shall we?

beck said...

Beat my bones against the wall
Staring down an empty hall
Deep down in a hollow log
Coming home like a letter bomb

Cold was the storm
That covered the night

Call a doctor, call a ghost
Put a fire into your bones
Sic a dog on all you know
Cut it loose before you go

Cold was the storm
That covered the night

What makes the Sole, the Sole of a man?

Beat my bones against the wall
Put a bank note on your bond
Gris Gris and a goldenrod
Down deep in a hollow log

Cold was the storm
That buried the night

What makes the Sole, the Sole of a man?

Postillion said...

I always suspected the Professor's soul was fishy.

Ice Cream Man said...

Oh Sole Mio.

Jonathan said...

When I get out of the car and start walking ... That's when I feel like I was born to in my Sole.

Hi, Ice Cream Man! I love your chimes.

D.B. said...

A gentle Sole.

George said...


Anonymous said...

Sole Food.

Angel said...

That's dumb.

Archbishop Poisson said...

On the surface, it might seem like merely a pun, but there is an important religious practice conveyed through the homonym. After all, it is important to eat Sole on religious days if you are to save your Soul

Anonymous said...

"Mackerel Smacker"

Archbishop Poisson said...

Only Spanish Mackerel. Remember to only eat fish from Catholic nations.