Friday, September 12, 2008

A plea

Postillion, Xbasket, Perfect, King of Balls,

Help the Professor out. I have writer's block, or some similar ailment. I'm not paying enough attention to the words in my brain and the blog is suffering. See it suffer? See the one-line posts? See my agony? SEE? HOW CAN YOU CONTINUE TO STAND BY AND DO NOTHING?!?! I HATE YOUR COMPLACENCY!!!!

Please write and post something to improve the workshop in these lean times. Except for you, King of Balls. Please stop posting in the workshop unless you find something else to say.

I would also like the workshop to have more pictures, because they are each worth 1,000 words, but the yellow penises were so interesting that nothing else in the workshop really compares. [The penises are now in steady-state, by the way: unchanged since their last photo several weeks ago, except maybe a little browner.] [Can a blog have footnotes? The Professor is tangential and without footnotes the posts might become unreadable.]

I will take care of the pictures. You people, the rest of you, please put words in the workshop. Please love the workshop.

If you want a topic to write on, please pick any of the already established topics in the index, i.e. Snails and Consumer Culture, Dignity, Exclamation Marks, etc. Pick one with only one entry, and develop it.


David Foster Wallace said...

You know nothing of the need for footnotes, Professor.

Anonymous said...

Get a life, Professor Marvel.

Unpaid intern unmarvel said...

The Profesor has gone poastal.